Aryon Hoselton

Aryon Hoselton, is a artist, teacher, and graphic designer working on the web and in print. He is the founder of Update Content, a web design studio specializing in creative websites with effective communication. He has over seven years experience working online, five of them working with WordPress.

He has worked in small studios, large agencies and on site at large organizations. Through freelance and contract work he has worked together with artists, musicians and arts organizations to build effective sites that are easy to update.He has extensive experience teaching undergraduate and graduate level courses in Web Design and Digital Imaging. He has taught at Philadelphia University and held Web Workshops at The University of the Arts, Tyler School of Art and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

Presenting WordPress Wardrobe: Dressing Up Your Website With the Best Functioning Theme

Ben Byrne

Ben has a BFA in Graphic Design from Iowa State and has been designing professionally for nearly 13 years. Currently, he is a senior front-end designer/developer/strategist for New Signature, where his extensive experience with languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript is put to good use implementing his designs on several CMS platforms, including WordPress.

Prior to joining New Signature, Ben worked as the lead graphic designer and web developer for Firefly Partners. Before that he was at Free Press, where he rolled his own CMS in addition to designing countless brands, brochures and websites (one of which garnered a “People’s Choice” Webby award).

He presented on the difference between print and web design for Webuquerque in 2010, and on web typography in 2011, and will be co-leading Webuquerque alongside Brian Arnold starting in 2012. Ben can be found on the usual online haunts (Facebook, Twitter, etc), though his ramblings there have at least as much to do with sports, politics and being a dad as they do with his professional life.

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Brian Tercero

Brian is a technology guy & part of the next generation of REALTORS©. He has immersed himself in design, SEO & Internet marketing strategies all with an emphasis on helping market and sell real estate. Brian was the Senior Vice President of Marketing & Technology for one of the largest real estate brokerages in New Mexico before going full time into real estate. With his experience and direction, the company generated over 1500 prospects in under seven months because of the strong emphasis placed on search engine optimization and a web site built to convert the traffic. He’s excited about his new career in real estate utilizing WordPress as the foundation for his business.

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Brooks Walch

Brooks Walch has more than five years of progressive, online experience combined with an innovative, entrepreneurial spirit leading the creative, advertising, design, marketing, content strategies for diverse clients. Brooks has many skills from front end markup and css to dynamic programming, and is a power hitter in design. His design capabilities are second to none and span not just graphic design, but also into 3D, flash, and human computer interaction.

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Cynthia Lay

With more than 20 years in the marketing & public relations industry, Cynthia happily escaped the ‘corporate’ world about 5 years ago. Since that time, she has been providing online strategy & website design services to professionals in the public speaking industry. She has created & managed several very successful membership websites, and will be teaching ABQ WordCamp users all about it!

Presenting Membership Sites: Your Link to Ongoing Monthly Profits

Damian Taggart

Damian Taggart is the lead developer and owner of Mindshare Studios Inc., a web design and development company in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Over the past 6 years Damian has worked on over 200 WordPress sites, developed nearly 20 WordPress plugins, and created over 100 custom WordPress themes.

Before founding Mindshare Studios, Damian worked as a web and multimedia developer for St. John’s College and Central New Mexico Community College. He is also a Certified Flash Developer and an avid web technology enthusiast, keenly interested in human-centered, open source web design. Mindshare Studios serves clients nation-wide and welcome projects of any scale.

Presenting WordPress Security: Best Practices and Disaster Recovery

Jay Thompson

He is a self-professed “Man with a blogging problem”. Jay founded the real estate blog Phoenix Real Estate Guy in May 2005 and has developed it into one of the most widely read real estate blogs in the country. Jay writes about local real estate and current events, and often explores state, regional and national issues related to real estate. Additionally, Jay is known to go wildly off-topic with his “random musings”. Jay also contributes (occasionally) to national real estate blogs such as the HomeGain Blog and GeekEstate Blog. He is also a serial blog commenter and social media fan boy.

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Joseph Scott

Joseph is a California native, living in Utah with his wife, two daughters and one son. He got hooked on email when it meant dialing into a BBS with a 2400 baud modem and ended up memorizing way too much of the AT command set. Access to the Internet changed all that and going to work for an ISP cemented that shift. It also exposed to him to the world of open source, starting with FreeBSD in 1996. From there he spent a number of years in IT doing a little bit of everything.

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Julia Mandeville

Julia Mandeville grew up in the studios of artists, musicians and scribes, to whom she credits her creative ethos. At 27 years old, she has a decade of experience in the arts and humanities, throughout which she’s focused on communications, branding, development, outreach and program coordination. Presently, Julia works by day as Programs & Development Coordinator of Creative Albuquerque, a nonprofit dedicated to the growth of New Mexico’s creative economy, and by night / weekend on her writing portfolio. Her community involvement includes co-founding and – chairing EmergeABQ – a branch of Americans for the Arts Emerging Leaders Network, sitting on the Albuquerque Convention & Visitors Bureau Arts & Culture Directors Council, and volunteering as a mentor and literature circle leader for Amy Biehl High School.Implementing WordPress, she’s constructed project pages for the likes of Women & Creativity and the in-progress Ode to Albuquerque, and she is currently embarking on a complete redesign of the Creative Albuquerque site.

Presenting WordPress for Small Business, Non-Profits

Karen Arnold

Karen Arnold is the creative lead of K Design in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She has over 8 years professional experience providing creative solutions that make an impact. She has a broad range of skills and talents with expertise in the areas of content management systems (CMS), e-commerce, site promotion and website development. She has been using WordPress since 2005.

Presenting Creating a WordPress Multisite/Network

Karin Pitman

Architect and artist by training and profession, Karin is relatively new to the world of WordPress and still in the process of perfecting her own masterpiece on the electronic canvas. Currently Adjunct Faculty at ITT Technical Institute and Brown Mackie College and the Executive Director for Elevate, a non-profit offering education about sustainable design, she is also a former Faculty Associate at Arizona State University and has developed and taught many art classes and workshops. Karin’s award-winning sketches and watercolor paintings have been included in juried exhibitions in both Arizona and New Mexico.

Speaking on the panel: The Electronic Canvas: A Palette of Plug-Ins for Artists of All Types

Kelly Koepke

Kelly Koepke helps businesses small and large, profit and not for profit, better communicate with their employees and customers via brochures, website copy, blogs, newsletters and press releases. She loves helping small & micro businesses and solo-preneurs tell their stories – to their current customers, their potential customers, and to the media, including social media. Kelly also contributes stories to a variety of local and national publications.

Kelly received her Bachelors degree in liberal arts from St. John’s College in Santa Fe, and her Masters of Business Administration from the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis. Before striking out on her own, she spent 15 years as a non-profit manager. Her business training and experience translates into a keen understanding of marketing and public relations for her clients.

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Kevin Conboy

Kevin works for Automattic and lives in Colorado, where the sun shines more than 300 days out of the year, which is good because he’s originally from San Diego. After attending art school for graphic design in the late 90s, Kevin found himself caught up in the whirlwind of the web agency world during the dot-com boom. More recently, however, Kevin spent quite a while doing interface work for the financial industry and knows more about earnings per share than he’d care to admit. Happily married with three kids, Kevin plays in a band and has been blogging for more than 10 years.

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Lance Willett

Hailing from the Tucson Mountains, Lance is a recovering RVer adjusting to life in a house without wheels. When unplugged Lance can be found mountain biking, disc golfing, studying foreign languages and geography, drinking craft beer, and exploring the great outdoors. Born and raised in México, he can roll a fresh corn tortilla like a pro.

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Mariana Wagner

Mariana Wagner has been an active real estate agent since 2001 and blogger since 2006, starting her blogging on Active Rain (mid-2006) and migrating to her own custom real estate blog in mid-2007. She has been a real estate trainer for Keller Williams since 2005, focusing on Internet Lead Generation. In 2008 Mariana became a real estate technology trainer and coach. Through both training and coaching, she helps real estate agents increase their business through online lead generation, specifically with effective business blogging.

Presenting Gaining More Clients and Customers Through Writing Effective Blog Posts

Michael Browning

Michael started his multimedia arts career with a box of crayons around age three. A media professional (writer, editor, producer, director, photographer, videographer and web developer) for the past twenty-five years, Michael profoundly enjoys his early onset ADHD. While working earnestly with emerging enterprises, e-commerce sites, secure corporate back ends and even some actual artist sites, he only regrets severely neglecting his own in the process. Ah, the cobbler’s kids…

Speaking on the panel: The Electronic Canvas: A Palette of Plug-Ins for Artists of All Types

Ray Gulick

Ray Gulick became a WordPress developer after several years of being a web designer with a business partner who did all the “tech stuff.” Ray had already been fooling around with WordPress for a year, and was beginning to understand its potential as a website platform, when his techie business partner left the company in 2008. Since that time, he’s learned a bit of PHP and focused almost exclusively on building business websites with WordPress. He developed his own highly customizable theme framework, Evo4CMS, to shorten development time, and the theme is now being converted to HTML5. Gulick’s web development company, now entering its 12th year, is Evolution Web Development (Evo) in Santa Fe, NM.

When not developing WordPress sites, Ray is an oil painter who offers his work at New Mexico Artisans Market in Santa Fe.

Presenting: Building a Powerful, Flexible CMS using Custom Fields and Custom Post Types

Sam Hotchkiss

Sam Hotchkiss dreams in code, and loves building themes and plugins. He’s been developing with WordPress since 2006, and, in 2008, started Hotchkiss Consulting with his wife, Becky. After shoveling huge piles of snow through the winter of 2009, Sam and Becky moved to Albuquerque. Sam has developed WordPress sites for clients ranging from large companies to one-man operations, and he also consults on the WP-eCommerce project. His passion is pushing the limits of the platform and constantly exploring new uses for WordPress. When offline, Sam loves playing with his dogs and cycling through the Bosque with his wife.

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Sean Wells

With a degree in architecture, a strong entrepreneurial spirit, a love for technology and an award-winning sense of design, Sean Wells has found a culmination of expressing all aspects of her creative nature through blogging online over the past year. Through her personal blogging experience and her extensive design and marketing background, Sean has developed a unique approach to client marketing, blending social media, web design and content creation to promote small businesses organically and affordably. Now, with the simplicity, design potential and features of WordPress, even small, independent businesses have the opportunity to share their stories with the world at prices that shame traditional marketing vehicles like phone book listings and postcards. With her new-found and ever-growing passion for WordPress, Sean is compelled to share the good news with anyone interesting in learning. Sean is especially interested in teaching those who are just taking their first steps into the world of blogging and WordPress, becoming the guide she would have liked to have.

Presenting WordPress Fundamentals

Sheriece Strickland

Sheriece Strickland has been an Internet Marketer since 2003 and is the owner of Local Mobile Marketing and Product Launch Results. She uses WordPress as her primary platform when building websites for her clients and her business. With more people accessing the Internet from their mobile devices it has become necessary to stay current on trends to insure customers & clients are able to access local business information with every means possible. Sheriece will speak on the latest trends in Mobile and how you can make your WordPress website mobile friendly.

Presenting Mobile Marketing: Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Toby Younis

Toby Younis has more than thirty years experience in studio production, field production, marketing and information technology and 15 years experience in online marketing. He currently runs his own video production company in Albuquerque where he produces and re-purposes a wide variety of video content including documentaries, promotional videos, television programming, television spots and video resumes. Toby has conducted over 2500 presentations since 1979 with audiences as large as 1500 covering topics such as field photography, studio and field videography, business-to-business marketing, and online marketing. He also teaches a course entitled “Documentaries on a Shoestring: A Course in Low Budget Field Production.”

Presenting Shoestring Vlogging: The Business Guide to Low-Budget Promotional Video Production