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Let’s face it, small businesses need technology… but they don’t always have the resources to research, develop, and maintain the right technologies for their business.

That’s where invertedWeb steps in. invertedWeb has over 10 years of experience building Web sites for small businesses. Car dealerships, local newspapers, doctors, lawyers, farmers… we built so many different Web sites that we started noticing how similar each was. This insight allowed us to develop a framework for how small business Web sites should be laid out and controlled to fully optimize their potential! invertedWeb.com now offers our small business Web framework that allows business owners to easily get online at an extremely affordable price. And the best part… it’s built on the trusted and true power of WordPress!

invertedWeb.com focuses your small business content into 5 main types: Billboards, Promotions, Products, Services, and Profiles. Billboards and Promotions allow businesses to promote their top initiatives and messages, while Products and Services make it easy to manage e-commerce and sales. invertedWeb continues to strive for perfection in proper Web development and design techniques, so that small business owners can be free to become experts in their own field. invertedWeb.com is now in an open beta program… small businesses can join to get started with our framework from the ground up.

Additionally, invertedWeb has partnered with Google to provide Google Apps for Business. The Google Apps for Business program allows invertedWeb to provide a complete IT solution alongside an invertedWeb.com small business site. Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, an invertedWeb.com site… all on a small business’ domain, all controlled within the same account, all set up and configured by invertedWeb!

Small businesses need to leverage technology to give them an edge over their competition. invertedWeb wants to help. Email us today for more information on getting your small business onto the inverted Web: mail@inverted.com.

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